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8 Ways to Become a Better Teammate

By Strike Zone, 10/08/18, 11:45AM CDT


8 Ways to Become a Better Teammate


1)   LISTEN WELL: Be coachable, take constructive criticism from teammates


2)   BE ACCOUNTABLE: Admit mistakes and improve, take responsibility, never throw teammates under the bus


3)   HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE: Focus on continually improving, have a positive outlook on the team and the season


Makes a big deal out of the good play of teammates/make a small deal out of their mistakes


5)   BE FAMILY: Treat teammates like family on and off the court, be quick to forgive and love unconditionally


6)   WORK HARD: Be better today than you were yesterday, go the extra mile at practice


 7)   SHARE IN THE VISION: Unify personal goals with team goals, help teammates buy in to team goals and vision


 8)   SACRIFICE: Give up personal glory for team success, serve your teammates with humility